• Armenian tore my wife in the ass

    So it was repeated three times. Then at the end of the week she somehow lying to me in bed with me in bed told me after my insistent inquiries about the mysterious someone constantly calling her. It turned out that the mysterious stranger calling her was called Arik and instead of a specific job somewhere in the firm or production he asked my wife for external data and when they found out they asked how much she would like to receive in a month. His wife replied that it is desirable not less than 400-500 rubles (old Soviets).


    After that, he asked if she was married. Inna said that she was married. And then, after a pause, a man's voice at the other end of the wire suggested that she should take a somewhat inoffensive work - namely, for the amount of 500 rubles a month, the mysterious Arik will visit her in my absence and lick her naked vagina and fuck her !!! Naturally, the initial reaction of the wife was negative. She threw the phone and blushed. Yes, and from this kind of revelation struck me at once. How does this unfamiliar man come to our house, strip my wife and lick her vagina, and then fuck?


    However, at the same time, lustful skits of what could happen and I noticed that my member was unusually tense and hardened. That night, I tore Innu as never before, while imagining how it is used by me with some other man. Yes, and his wife in the process of fucking, when she was on the verge of orgasm, I whispered in my ear - she would not want her to be fucked with me by some outsider and she whispered passionately to me - Yes! Yes! Yes! All night we fantasized how it could be. And in the morning I was already boldly going over to business, saying that it would be possible to do such a thing for at least two months. And such extra money our family does not interfere.